Saturday, 23 August 2014


Happy Saturday y'all.
I wore both outfit differently before she here and here. This time around i mixed both colours together and i just love the outcome, it is always a good ideal to play around with busting bright colours. This is a easy weekend chic style, adding a Chanel statement clutch bag. I have started looking for my boots as the cold weather get stronger, am also looking forward to wearing coat and more jumper!. 

In my previous post i forgot to mention where i got my sets of pearl from see the website here, also see it here on eBay. 
I hope you enjoy the rest of the post.
Have an amazing weekend.

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Hello Everyone,
How are you all doing ? The summer is coming to an end so i am enjoying the last few days but cover up outfit is to go for, it get cold early morning and late evenings. To make matter worse every shop you enter already display winter style selection, actually i have not done any winter shopping yet, i hope i am not alone ? Back to the stripy and black outfit did you notice the trouser was falling off my waist, well i wore this outfit all day few days ago. One day i loose weight the next day i put back one, it must me.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the post.